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Dust jackets that are missing, when called for, from books or dust jacket that are in rough condition can reduce a book’s value by up to 90%. Finally, and more particularly with books published post-1900, there may be a variety of editions, printings, and states of a particular book. As a general matter, a book is likely to be of more value the closer it is to a first edition, first printing; the further from that, the less likely it is of value. Abe Books – Abe Books is the largest online bookseller with more than 12,500 independent booksellers listing more than 60,000,000 antique, used, rare and out of print books.

Here are the best places to sell any used book for the most moneyIf your book isn’t particularly valuable, you can either keep it to enjoy or get rid of it. International Standard Book Numbers make it easy to identify books and see how much they’re worth, but how can you find the value of books without an ISBN?

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As a result, the page’s edition identifiers for the reprinted version would essentially be the same. The printing history may occasionally include all the necessary information, but other passages in the book may be in conflict with it. Publications like Doves Press or Kelmscott Press issued limited editions of important and well-regarded works in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. All of the published editions become incredibly valuable collectibles. The book will become more uncommon, for instance, if the writer, a public figure, and a famous individual signs it. Ensure that there aren’t any loose pages or leaf piles that have escaped or are on the verge of escaping.

How do I find the ISBN for an old book?

An ISBN is printed on the lower portion of the back cover of a book above the bar code and on the copyright page.

Finding The Value Of Old Books s have different levels of experience and types of knowledge, different hopes for particular books, or paid different amounts for comparable copies. One dealer may know something about the scarcity of that book in a particular condition that another dealer does not. One dealer may hope to sell the book quickly while the other dealer wants to get the highest possible price.


Condition refers to a book’s physical appearance and the completeness of its contents. In general, the better a book’s physical condition, the more it will be worth. Terms that might be used to describe old books include “As New,” “Fine” , “Very Good,” “Good,” “Fair” , and “Poor” .

  • So rarity, combined with the condition, and demand can exponentially increase the book’s value.
  • Frequently, other copies in similar condition undercut that price.
  • In 2010, a first edition of the three volumes in pristine condition sold for £139,250 (about $179,870) at auction at Sotheby’s in London.
  • People value books either because of their contents or because of their physical characteristics.
  • You might think it’s a rare and valuable book but don’t know where to find its value?
  • As a result, the copyright page’s edition identifiers for the reprinted version would essentially be the same.

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