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What Is a Ballpark Estimate?

In local ballparks, there are often simply a set or two of aluminum bleachers on the first-base and third-base sides. Today, in Major League Baseball, a multi-tiered seating area, a grandstand, surrounds the infield. How far this seating extends down the baselines or around the foul poles varies from park to park. In minor league parks, the grandstands are notably smaller, proportional to expected sizes of crowds compared with the major leagues. While ballpark figures are used frequently and can be helpful in establishing a baseline for discussion, they should be treated as nothing more than estimates; they are not hard numbers.

That’s a mighty big ballpark, but at least I knew how much to borrow from the bank if he did everything on that list. The actual cost turned out to be much less, but at least the ballpark figure prepared me for the worst. Reminiscence December 13, 2014 I once tried to get an online insurance quote, and the site asked me to answer a few general questions. It actually said I would receive a ballpark figure in a few minutes, based on my answers. If I was happy with that car insurance estimate, I could fill out a more detailed application and a real life insurance agent would contact me with a more specific set of numbers.

Some early ballparks, such as Brooklyn’s Eastern Park, were abandoned because the trolley lines did not go out far enough and the team was not performing well enough for people to tolerate the inconvenience. While most teams turned to multi-purpose parks, some built baseball-only parks. While these modern ballparks shirked some of the conventions of multi-purpose parks, they did include some of the new features. Selling to might be a good option for those facing foreclosure.

You are not asking them to commit to a firm price; you’re just trying to clarify the expenses because you have no idea what to expect. You will need details such as current salary, age, years remaining in service, details on any retirement savings done to date and the like. Then comes variable factors such as probable rate of return, saving rate, etc.

That being said, it is important to note that many brokers and advisors are guilty of inflating the estimate numbers to attract clients. The actual return might not be anywhere close to the estimated amount. As such, caution should be exercised and the numbers should be crossed checked from the people who are holding genuine knowledge, experience and objectivity in the matter. They are useful in preliminary discussions when considering diverse investment proposals to give a rough estimate on how fruitful will the investment be.

Within the scope of that estimate, it is understood that should other relevant information appear during the project, the outcome could be changed in some manner. For example, a car insurance agent may present a ballpark estimate to a potential client, based on the known details about the customer. A ballpark estimate is a term used to identify an approximation of an outcome that is based on the information that is readily available to the person or group who is making the estimate. By contrast, a guess is tends to rely more on subjective understandings and less on verifiable data. If you ask someone for a “ballpark figure” on building you a garage at home, then you’re asking them for a rough estimate on the costs of the work.

This was evident in the movable seating sections in RFK Stadium. The first ten rows of the football configuration were practically at field level, and fans in those sections often stood up on their seats to get a better view. Other stadiums overcame this simply by covering those seats, not bothering to sell them. Despite being cost-effective, these problems eventually caused the parks to become unfashionable.

ballpark means

Your favorite remaining ballpark needs your vote as well, because the battles are getting personal. The opportunity to build a new neighborhood around this ballpark and to help seed the future of this neighborhood for generations is something that’s wonderful. The Astros share their spring training complex and ballpark with the Washington Nationals. An easy way to do this is create an Excel spreadsheet to track your spending or go back though your bank and credit card statements from the past year to get a ballpark idea of your monthly spending.

What Is a Ballpark Figure?

In the major leagues, a rule was passed in 1958 that compelled any new fields built after that point to have a minimum distance of 325 feet from home plate to the fences in left and right field, and 400 feet to center. This rule was passed to avoid situations like the Los Angeles Coliseum, which was 251 ft . BallparkLocationTeamOpenedClosedDemo’dCurrent statusOther sports/notesKyocera Dome OsakaOsakaOrix Buffaloes1997——Active. Modern ballpark.None.MetLife DomeTokorozawaSaitama Seibu Lions1979——Active.

ballpark means

The monthly costs of cable and satellite service are generally in the same ballpark for comparable packages. The stadium will be replaced by a new ballpark with better facilities. I’m not allowed to post links yet, but you can find my answer by going to the site and searching “ballpark.”


Plans were made to enclose the grandstand and build a dome, but engineers discovered that the structure could not handle the load of the proposed dome. Distinctive from “goal games” such as football and basketball, which have fixed-size playing areas, the infield is the only rigidly laid-out part of the field. Like its English relative, cricket, there is significant flexibility in the shape and size of the rest of the playing area. Two white lines extend from the home plate area, aligned with the first and third bases. These are the foul lines or base lines, usually differentiated by referring to them as the first base line, or the third base line. If a ball hit by the batter lands outside of the space between these two lines or rolls out of this space before reaching first or third base, the ball is “foul” .

It had state-of-the-art amenities including a retractable roof, hotel, and a restaurant behind the outfield from where patrons could view the games. Fenway Park is the oldest active ballpark in Major League Baseball. We don’t know exactly how many people live in this city, but a ballpark figure/estimate would be about two million. Probably an allusion to the relatively large field in the game of baseball and to the fact that baseballs are seldom hit out of the ballpark, but instead land anywhere within it. Excellent answer, But I believe the origins date back earlier to WWII at least. This is in line with other BB references like homefield advantage.

P. Taylor received some offers, but none of them was in the ballpark. I think the two countries are in the same ballpark when it comes to environmental policies. No, the salary isn’t as high as I had hoped, but I accepted it because it’s in the ballpark at least.

Ways People May Say Ballpark Figure Incorrectly

The only jewel box parks still used by Major League Baseball are Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. However, with the opening of Baltimore’s Camden Yards , the “minimum distance” rule began to be ignored. One factor may be that the quaint, “retro” look of Camden Yards, with its irregular measurements, proved to be very popular, along with a traditionalist backlash against the symmetrical, multi-purpose, “cookie-cutter” stadiums.

Queens’ Citi Field is modeled after Ebbets Field, and the Bronx’s Yankee Stadium is modeled after the pre-renovation “House that Ruth Built”. The indoor parks were built for several different reasons, chief among those weather. However, as multi-purpose parks became unfashionable, so did indoor parks. These allowed shelter from the elements, but still could be open when the weather was pleasant.

People may use “ballpark figure” inaccurately and in the wrong context. Using a “ballpark figure” in the board room during a presentation would probably give an impression of inaccuracy or uncertainty. This post looks at the origins and meaning of the phrase “ballpark figure.” We’ll also give you examples of how to use this idiom in a conversation. A tract of land where ball games, especially baseball, are played. Also, in baseball, if the ball is hit out of the park, it’s out of play .

  • But what are we talking about here — a few thousand, millions, two bucks?
  • The first of these parks was DC Stadium in the District of Columbia.
  • The infield is a rigidly structured diamond of dirt and grass containing the three bases, home plate, and the pitcher’s mound.
  • So, you ask the contractor for a ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate.
  • The expression existed long before 1960 and I can find examples .

The most notable influences were the cantilevered upper decks, the use of seating colors other than green, fairly plain concrete exteriors, and symmetrical outfields. While the multi-purpose parks have become all but extinct, some modern parks, such as Dodger Stadium and Kauffman Stadium, have been hailed[by whom? Rather than build new parks, the teams have decided instead to renovate the current structures, adding a few newer conveniences. Several of the modern parks built as such have remained in use, with no indication of being demolished.

or ball park

Are you asking a contractor for a rough estimate on the costs of repairing or renovating your home? You could ask them to give you a “ballpark figure” over the phone to get an idea of what you need to loan from the bank for the project. Brokers and advisers use ballpark estimates ballpark means as they allow for more leeway and less liability during investment discussions. Future performance on investments is never guaranteed, so ballpark estimates are used to give an overall expectation of performance without the need to assume finite responsibility.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim has seen many changes throughout the years. It was originally a modern park, similar to the Angels’ previous home, Dodger Stadium. When the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams left the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1980 and set up shop in what was then Anaheim Stadium, the first round of renovations began. The grandstand was expanded to completely enclose the stadium, turning it into a multi-purpose park. The Rams left in 1994, leaving the Angels alone in the large, 65,000-seat stadium. After a two-year renovation, the steel was painted green, and what concrete remained was painted sandstone, including the sweeping curve of the entrance plaza.

However , the aesthetics shifted back to jewel box conventions, which included the use of green seats, bricks, stone, and green-painted exposed steel. Indoor parks faced many of the same problems of the multi-purpose parks. Tropicana Field is the only indoor-only or fixed-dome park left hosting a Major League Baseball team, and may be replaced in the near future. Japan still has several fixed-dome parks designed primarily for baseball. One of these, the Sapporo Dome, has an uncommon feature of two separate playing surfaces. Baseball is played on a permanently installed artificial surface within the dome, while a permanent grass pitch is attached to the structure and mechanically slid into the dome for use in soccer matches.

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